An Incident about Taimur

It is so related that one day Taimur was glum and in low spirits. So he was reticent. People inquired but he kept quiet. Meanwhile a party of jesters came to him and they began to cut jokes among themselves. One of them said: "I had been to the Qazi of such and such a city, the holy month of Ramazan had begun, so I said to him: 'O Officer of the Shari'ah! Such and such a man devoured the fasts of Ramazan and I have witnesses with me for this'. Hearing this that Qazi said, 'Had that someone eaten up their prayer too, so that we would have been freed from both"'.

They broached this topic to make Amir Taimur laugh and dispel his melancholy. But hearing this Taimur was infuriated. He said: "You wicked fellows! For jesting you found the Shari'ah only'; and with these words he ordered that man to be put to death. May Allah have mercy on that being who respected religion and the Shari'ah and held them in esteem and exalted them!

Now some of those sentences from which infidelity necessarily follows are being quoted from Fatawa 'Atamgiri: -

(1) It is stated in 'Itabiah that if someone disapproves of any divine order or the Shari'ah of the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him e.g. someone is told that Allah Most High hath made it lawful to take four wives and he says that he does not like it, it is infidelity. It is stated in the Tatar Kahniah (FatawaAlanigiri, p.581).

(2) It is stated at one place that the man who did not acknowledge some of the noble prophets (on whom be greetings and blessings!) or did not like some of the apostles Sunnahs, became an infidel. (Ibid. p.583).

(3) If a man said to another: ‘The Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him used to like this…’ e.g., he said: "He used to like the bottle gourd'', and the other fellow replied: "I do not like it'; then this is infidelity. This is so reported from Imam Abu Yusuf also, and some modern jurisprudents have said that if it is said by way of contempt, it is infidelity, and it is not infidelity if it is free from contempt. (Ibid, p.587)

(4) If a man said to another: "The Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, when he took his meal, used to lick his three fingers" So the other fellow said: "This is bad manners (The implication of that accursed fellow is that it is against culture and out of etiquette) and so it is infidelity.

(5) If someone said, ‘What a neat custom it is among the peasants that they take food but do not wash their hands!’ The Shaikh has said that if he has said it by way of insulting the traditional practice, he shall be called an infidel.

(6) And if someone said: "What is this custom! To clip or shave moustache and then to lower it and bring the turban under the throat.” So if he said this to scoff at the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him statement, he committed an act of infidelity.

(7) This is stated in the Moheet. If on the day of A'shura someone said: "Apply collyrium for to apply collyrium on this day is an act of Sunnah'; but the other fellow said that it is the work of womenfolk and eunuchs, he will become an infidel. (Ibid. p.588)

(8) Someone said to a sick man: "Say prayer" If the latter replied that he would never say the prayer, and he did not say a prayer until he died, it will be said that he died an infidel.
(9) A man said to another: "Let us say prayer for the fulfilment of this need' But the other man said: "I said many prayers but no need of mine was fulfilled" And this he said byway of dispraise and taunting, he shall become an infidel. This is stated in the Tatar Khaniah. (Ibid., p.591)

(10) Maulana (Ashraf Ali) Thanvi (may Allah illuminate his grave!) was asked a query in which a woman had said: "Shelve Allah's and the Apostle's orders' So he adjudged her to be a renegade and issued the orders applying to women's renegation to her. (Imdadal-Fatawa, p.378)

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