Obedience to the Messenger (Peace be upon him)
by Sheikh Yusuf Motala


Islam as a Way of Life is Unique
The Present Age of Mischief
The Holy Companions Rank and Status
Prediction Regarding the Mischief of the 
Disavowal of Hadith
Imitation of Modernism
Look Back to the History of 1400 Years
 The Incomparable Success
The Last Splendour of Islam
The Distinctive Grandeur of the Chief  of Both Worlds
Imam Razi's Argument as regards the Prophet's  superiority
Allamah Sa'duddin Taftazani's Argument
The Prophet's  Unique Dignity
 His Holy Being is the Arbitrator in 
Controversial Matters
Sincere Agreement with the Decision of the Quran and the Sunnah is Necessary
There are three Reasons for Avoiding the Decision of the Quran and The Sunnah 
 The True Muslims
Hazrat 'Obadah's Will
 The Pivot of Faith
Hazrat Umar radiallahu anhu's Decision
 Reward for Conformance and  Punishment for Contravention
Opponents of Allah and the Messenger
Damnation For Anyone Who Renounces the Sunnah
Deprivation of the Cup of Kausar
No Paradise For the Denier
No Connection With Us
The Result of Arrogance
The Prophetic Order Should Be Carried Out Promptly
The Holy Companions Matchless Compliance and Allah's Reward
The Prophet's Liability is to Convey the Message Only
Divine Rewards On Obedience
Allah ta`ala's Promise was Fulfilled
 The Extent of the Islamic Sultanate
Decrease in Rewards
 A Perfect Specimen before Us
Promises of Rewards
 A Tremendous Trial
A Trial Journey
 Beloved Land
A Strange Happening
The Noble Companions were Mountains of Patience and Endurance
Another Test after Turning Them Away From the Door
 Mary the Copt's Mature Certitude
His Good Example
 The Holy Prophet's Company In Paradise
Description of Heaven
 Reward for Love of the Sunnah
The Companions' Extraordinary Love for the Holy Prophet
 Obedience To The Apostle Is Obedience To Allah
The Prophet is the cause of difference
Save Yourself from Torture
Salvation is Exclusively meant For the Sect That Follows the Prophet And His Companions Path
 The Sunnah and The Innovation - Satan's Guile and Deceit
The Satanic Policy of Averting Man from the Sunnah
Sunnat And Bidat As Defined In Hadith
The Straight Path
Not A Single Serif of the Path of Salvation Can Be Changed
Islamic Commandments Need No Revision
The Renovators of Islam Should Think Of Renovating Their Own Faith
Predictions Given 1400 Years Ago about These Mischiefsí
Warning Regarding the Mischief of Innovation in Hadith
Opining In Islam Is Misleading
One Who Lives aloof From the Ahl Al-Sunnah
The Sunnah and One's Desires
Innovation Is A Calumny against Allah and The Holy Apostle
All Other Methods Except the Sunnah Are to Be Rejected
Conformance to the Sunnah Is Full of Blessing
Dissociation with an Innovator
Insightful Statements Regarding Innovation
The Importance of the Retention of Sunnah during the Age of Corruption
The Recompense for Reviving A Forgotten Sunnah
Submission to the Holy Companions and the Pious Predecessors
Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq's Speech
 The Reason for Perfect Obedience
 His Last Will
 Insistence Upon Hazrat Umar To Conform To The Sunnah
 Hazrat Umar's Consummate Conformance
 Diligence for the Sunnah
 Hazrat Umarís Admirable Manner with his Fellow Companions
Hazrat Abdullah Bin Umars Condition
Hazrat Bilal radiyallahu anhu
The Companions Conformance
Hazrat Abu Ayyub Ansari
Hazrat Harith Bin Nauman
Hazrat Abdullah Bin Mas'ud
Hazrat Abu Zer Ghiifari
Hazrat Abu Darda
The Religious Elders care for the Sunnah
A Narrative by Hazrat Shaikh Ul Hadith
Hazrat Ali Bin Husain Bin Ali, Imam Zayn Al-A'bidn 
Hazrat Usman Khairi
Bashar Bin Harith
Allamah Taimiah
Hazrat Shaikh Sharaf Al-Din Yahava Mivari
Hazrat Junayd Baghdadi
Hazrat Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal
Qutub Al-Irshad Hazrat Gangohi
Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Qasim Nanautavi
Hazrat Sa'eed Bin Musayyab
Maulana Muzaffar Husain Kandhlavi
August Men's Statements Regarding Insistence On Conformance To The Sunnah
Imam Abu Hafsís Statement
Abu Sulaiman Darani's Statement
Hazrat Adham Baikhi's Statement
Hazrat Ta' Ous's Statement
The Ascetic Hatim's Statement
Shah Abd Al-Ghani Phulpuri's Statement
Hazrat Ubay Bin K'ab's Statement
Imam Awza`iís Statement
Sufyan Thauri's Statement
Junayd Baghdadi's Statement
Imam Shafi'i's Statement
Shaikh Sharfuddin Yahya Minyari's Statement
My Own Shaikh's Statement
Sayyidena Shaikh Abd Al-Qadir Jilani's Statement
Hazrat Umar Bin Abdul Aziz's Statement
Shaikh Abul Hasan Khirqani
Khwaja Nizamuddin Awlia
Hazrat Hasan Bin Ali's Statement
Ayyub Sakhtiani's Statement
Abdullah Bin Shauzab's Statement
Mu'ammir Bin Sulaiman Taimi's Statement
Abdullah Bin Muhriz's Statement
Mujaddid Alf-E Sani's Statement
Imam Razi's Statement
Imam Ghazali's Statement
Maulana Shah Wasiullah's Statement
Khwaja Muhammad Ma'soom Sirhindi's Statement
Sahl Bin Abdullah Tastari's Statement
Imam Zuhri's Statement
Hazrat Ma' ruf Karkhi's Statement
Abdullah Dailami's Statement
Criterion of Saintliness
The Identity of a 'Man of Allah'
Imam Abu Hafs Kabir Hadad
Hazrat Junayd Bagdadi
Qutb Al-Irshad Maulana Gangohi
Maulana Khalil Ahmed Muhajir-E Madani
Maulana Wasiullah
Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf-E Sani
Mufti Sayyid Abdur Rahim Lajpuri
Hazrat Ba-Yazid Bistami
Khwaja Nizamuddin Awlia
Maulana Abdul-Hayy Lakhnavi
Khwaja Ma'soom Sirhindi
The Consequence, In the World and The Hereafter, Of scorning and ridiculing The Sunnah
Scorning the Men of Faith Was the Pastime of Meccan Polytheists
An Important Peculiarity of the Hypocrites
The Provision for Ruin
There is Divine Order for Terminating Relations with Them
This Crime Will Be Pointed Out In Hell Also
This Has Also Been the Habit of the Jews and Christians
Incidents relating to the mocking of Sunnah and disobeying the command of the Holy Prophet 
The Evil End of A Woman Who Lodged A False Litigation against Hazrat Saeed bin Zayd
Visitation For Nursing Enmity Against Hazrat S'ad
The End Of A Man Who Affronted Imam Abu Hanifa
Aggrieving the Men of Allah
The Death of an Oppressor Who Hurt A Muezzin in the Prophetís  Mosque
Death Of A Man Who Behaved Audaciously With Allamah Daqiq Al-'Id
Murder of Khwaja Nizamuddin Awlia's Oppressor
The End of Imam Bukhari's Opponents
Visitation for Audacity In Respect Of Religious Elders
Divine Wrath Is Still Raining Down
The Elders Internal Perception
Khwaja Hasan Afghani's Intuitive Perception
To Hold Praiseworthy Acts (Mustabat) In Disdain Leads One To Infidelity
An Exemplary Incident
Details Regarding Blasphemous Sentences
A Useful Book
Precaution Against Scoffing & Taunting Is Necessary
Hazrat Huzayfa's  Method
Two Necessary Things
An Incident about Taimur
Maulana Abdul Haq Haqqani's Fatwa
My Chief and Patron Maulana Muhammad Zakaria and Conformance to the Sunnah
His Extreme Diligence in Acquiring the Prophetic Sciences
Endless Grace
The Important Condition for General Popularity
The Fire of Love
Effort for Conformance to the Sunnah
Care in Following the Sunnah in Wearing Hair Up to the Nape and Turban
Care for the Sunnah of Beginning Every Thing with the Right Hand
Care For the Sunnahs in Entering the Mosque
Care For the Sunnahs of Friday
Post-Maghrib Nafls
A Sunnah during the Stay at Arafat
Umrahs during the Holy Ramazan
Sadaqah (Charity) Before Visiting the Holy Prophet's Tomb
The Eating of Barley-Bread for Following the Sunnah
The Sunnah Prior To the Khutbah of Al-Adha
Care For the Sunnahs of Wedlock (Nikah)
Hazrat's Advice Regarding Conformance To The Sunnah
A Brief List of Hazrat Shaikh Al Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakaria's Urdu Works
Books By Other Authors

Night View of the Prophet's Mosque - Madinah

In The Name Of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful
We Praise Allah and Send Blessings to the Noble Messenger


It is my good fortune to have been entrusted with the publication of Ita`at-Ur-Rasul. With thanks to Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Motala's trustful soul, that an unworthy person like myself is even writing these few lines. 

Glancing through the manuscript, I cannot but praise the hard work the translator has put in. All readers of Asian origin know that Urdu, Arabic and Persian languages are written from the opposite direction in contrast to English. Composition of coinciding words and phrases from these languages to English with precise meaning is like asking a British driver to drive on French roads. Our learned translator has done precisely that with the skill of a rally driver. 

British born readers may find the book quite rich and definitive, quite contrary to any literary work. But then Hazrat Motala was not delving into literary professionalism. His work is sermonical and interprets his own regards and feelings for Sunnah and gives an insight into his own heart. Here notice the contrast between the intense spiritual communion of Hazrat Motala with the Prophetic Way and simultaneous corruption in our society. We understand his righteous indignation and bitter grief. The people 
have lost the bubbling faith of old and made the image of material world as primary object in their lives. 

Notice how in each case only those points were referred to which are necessary in the argument at hand. A narrator whose object is mere narration tells the story in detail and is done with it. A consummate adherent whose object is to enforce lesson, brings out each point in its proper place, His object is not a story but a lesson. The instances, which have been related, should awaken the present and future generations that have inherited the Islam of the past. They should realise that if they fall into or defile the Sunnah, through their contumacy, they will meet with fate of "Jahanami'.' 

It can never be possible for the likes of me to emphasise the reverend personality of Hazrat Motala. Opinion can be formed by individuals from the fact that after the sad demise of Shaikh-Al-Hadith Hazrat Maulana Mohammed Zakaria Kandhalvi, every one of us look upon Hazrat Motala as spiritual director and hold him in high esteem. 

While reading this book, keep in mind the high station of Hazrat Motala's person and imagine that he is addressing a Majlis (gathering). My only request to readers who cannot read Urdu and had not the opportunity of reading Ita`at-e Rasul in Urdu, is that: Keep in mind the main theme of the book. Ponder over every example so that it may give some idea as to how the holy companions, followers and our ancestors moulded their lives in the way of the Holy Prophetís peace and blessings be upon him Sunnah and the order of The Holy Quran. Which was not seconded by anything, even their own life did not matter when it came to making a choice. 

May be the text will feel a bit dry and perhaps littered with English vocabulary we have not read before. While proving the mastery of translator it also gives religious student the opportunity of knowing the equivalent English for Arabic words we use in our every day ritualistic life. 

I am sure the translator could have made the work more easy going and Hazrat Motala consented me to change the script as I may see fit, however after long and assiduous head banging I could not bring myself to alter it more than a word or two here and there or at the most one or two paragraphs. Reason being the guiding inspiration that 'BARKAT' generated by dedicated beings like Hazrat Motala cannot be re-innated by anyone else. Allah Most High bestows upon whom he chooses. 

I can only suggest to the readers of the English version to go through this book as a text, lesson by lesson. Analyse every paragraph, precisely read every page and if the need be keep a good dictionary close at hand. This way will give the full benefit of grasping the entire content and exercise will be educational too. 

In todayís occupationally taxing world we don't know how to spare ourselves from wrath of Allah to come. We believe in Islam, deep down we do not want to part with the precious inheritance and have our future generation known as Jack, Jill and Ivy, and yet we donít let a single stone unturned in bringing about the recognitions from the Joneses as 'Educated' 'Modern' and 'One of Us' like labels. 

In the modern world we sacrificed lots of precious things, relations, belongings and what not, and now gambling away the rest of our possession we landed with. i.e. 'Imaní 

But it is not too late yet - All that needs to be done, is to just put it into practice what your feelings are about your religion. No one in his or her right mind expects you to change and be a hermit over night. First of all weigh the value of life you are achieving for the price you are paying. Then begin with simple practice of Sunnah in your life slowly and steadily. From the beginning of the day to the end there are things which we do which has no meaning and the benefit is doubtful, the methods applied by todayís being and the methods of Prophetic way are poles apart. Ultimate result is, even after timely gains of todayís methods, despair and deprivation. 

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