There are three Reasons for Avoiding
The Decision of the Quran and The Sunnah

This topic has been more clearly mentioned at another place in the Quran. The divine statement is as follows: -

"And they say: We believe in Allah and the messenger, and we obey; then after that a faction of them turn away thereafter, such are not believers. And when they appeal unto Allah and His messenger to judge between them, lo! A faction of them is averse. But if right had been with them they would have come unto him willingly. Is there in their hearts a disease, or have they doubts or fear lest Allah and His messenger should wrong them in judgement? Nay, but such are evildoers.” (XXIV: 47-5O).

The Hypocrites are being described that with their tongues they admit faith and obedience but in their hearts they are against it. Their action and their words vary. The reason is that there is no faith in their hearts. When they are called towards guidance and asked to follow the Quran and Hadith, they turn away their faces and display arrogance. Whenever they see personal gain in the religious law they express their connection with Islam, and when they sense that the shar’i decision is against their personal desire, and is opposed to worldly gain, they do not even pay attention towards the truth.

Such people, therefore, are the real unbelievers, because they are not free from three states: either unbelief has settled in their hearts or the religion and shari'at are suspect in their eyes, or they are afraid that perhaps Allah and the Prophet might deprive them of their right; and all these three are the forms of infidelity itself. Allah knows each one of them. Whatever is hidden underneath is open, manifest and known to Allah. In fact these people are immoral (fajir) and tyrannous.

Allah Most High and His Apostle peace and blessings be upon him are holy. There were many such unbelievers during the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him time. Such apparent Muslims are called Munaf'iqin (Hypocrites). Whenever they visualised their objectives being achieved through the Quran and the Hadith, they would bring their disputes and litigation before the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. When the fulfilment of their purpose was achievable elsewhere they would avoid prophetic court. This subject is fully discussed in the above-mentioned verse.

The Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said that if two disputing persons are urged to get their dispute settled according to Islamic law, and one who does not accept it is wrong and unjust.

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