The Prophet  and his holy Companions’
Beloved Land

The Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him himself had so much love for this land that when he was migrating to Madina, he paid a farewell visit to the House of Allah and said: “Oh dear valley of Mecca! You are dearer to me than the whole world. Had your inhabitants not compelled me to leave, I would never have left you."

Similarly, prior to migration, Madina was known as Yathrib and its climate was very harmful, which, later on, due to the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him invocation vacated Madina forever in the form of an incubus and an ugly, dishevelled woman. Many Companions suffered ill health in Madina. Hazrat Bilal, suffering from high fever and the pang of separation, was weeping and reciting the following couplets: - "Ah! Could that day come when I might pass a night in the valley of Mecca, amidst Izkhir (the bog-rush) and Jalil (Large palm trees laden with fruits)? And would that day too come that I might encamp at the streams of Mujannah and Sham (Black moles), and Tafil (pond of muddy water) be visible to me?”

Besides this, many Companions' wives and children were still in Mecca, for the Companions had migrated to Madina. So when these warriors were prevented from visiting the House of Allah and meeting their nearest and dearest ones and their wives and children, in whose separation they were burning for years, one can imagine what must have been their reaction. Moreover, all the conditions of the treaty were against the Muslims as the treaty was being made under restraint. But great as they were these auspicious Companions for the Last Prophet, the Chief and the Pride of the Two Worlds, for the sake of Allah and the Apostle they tolerated all these things!

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