One Who Lives aloof From the
'Ahl Al-Sunnah'

The Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him says: "Satan is like a wolf to a man, like the wolf who devours the goat he finds grazing alone on one side. Similarly, Satan too deflects that man who lives aloof from the group (of Companions, Followers, Followers-on and the pious predecessors). Save yourselves from these ravines. Be with the Jama’t (Group) and the common Muslims firmly.

It says in another Hadith: "Anyone who moved off from the Jama't even to the extent of a span, he threw off the collar of Islam from his neck." Another Hadith says: "Certainly Allah Most High will not let my ummah gather at deviation; Allah's succour is with the group; he who separates himself from it will go to Hell."

Moreover, the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him has said: "Follow the majority (sawad-e azam) of the Muslims, for he who is separated from it will go to Hell." Hence, as regards belief and action one should stick to and maintain the same Islam that has come down to us through heredity, practice and tradition and on which the whole ummah has kept itself firm so far.

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