The Renovators of Islam Should Rather Think Of Renovating Their Own Faith

There is no need whatsoever of the tampering or changing by the so-called renovators of Islam because, according to the previously mentioned prophetic statement (see ‘Islamic Commandments need no Revision), they are automatically ostracised from the group of Muslims. Hence, instead of renovating Islam, they should feel concerned about renovating their own faith.

They may explain this Hadith by saying that this merely insists on the perfecting of the faith. But those who call Islam old and in order to prove it insufficient for the present-day needs have even repudiated the essentials of religion; for such deniers there remains no scope for explaining away. Other people, cautiously, may not condemn them, but if a very valuable treasure of someone is buried somewhere and when even a small child gives information regarding the arrival of thieves there, one is flabbergasted. Hence, the magnificent wealth like that of faith compared to which the most precious treasurers of the world are simply trivial and nothing, should be very carefully renovated at the slightest indication by any one, and one should take a vow not to be careless about it in the future.

In short, our staunch belief is that there is success everywhere in the religion brought by the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and his auspicious ways. There is success in it in every country and every period; and besides this, there is failure in all; but this religion will last till the Last Day. When this world will be brought to an end, decision on the Day of Judgement, as stated in the following Hadith, will be made according to this religion only.

The Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him says: -"On the Day of Judgement (in the Divine Court) will come deeds." He counted amongst them prayers, fasting, charity, etc. and then said: "Then will come Islam and say:

'Allah is (Safety) and I am Islam.' Allah Most High will say: 'You are right. Today I will take people to task on account of you only and will give rewards because of you only.’”

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