Prediction Regarding the Mischief
of the Disavowal of Hadith

Among the mischief on the horizon, of which the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him had already warned, was regarding the mischief of the disavowal (denial) of Hadith. He said: "Let me not find any man amongst you who may sit reclining against his cushion and when my order reaches him for doing or not doing a thing he may say: 'I don't know anything. We will follow whatever we find in Allah's Book'." (Tirmizi)

Similarly, it says in a report of the Abu Da'ud Sharif: - "Listen! The Quran was given to me and something more along with it. Listen! Shortly will come a time when an over fed, prosperous man, reclining against the cushion, will say: 'Conformance to the Quran alone is incumbent (wajib) upon you'." i.e. he will repudiate the Hadith.

He also stated: "One of you (in future), reclining against his cushion, would think that Allah hath prohibited only those things which have been mentioned in the Quran. Beware! By Allah! I too have given orders for many things and have given instructions and have forbidden many things; and they too are like those of the Quran and a little more."

Today the mischief of the disavowal of Hadith is spreading in the world like wild fire and thus the truth of whatever the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him had predicted is being witnessed by all.

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