Maulana Abdul Haq Haqqani's Fatwa

Maulana Abu Muhammad Abdul-Haq Haqqani, author of Tafsir-e-Haqqani, writes in his book 'Aqa'id-e Islam’ on the first kind of the causes of infidelity as under.  If regarding Allah's order someone says that he does not believe in it; e.g. someone said, ‘Come, let us get it decided by the Shari'ah.’ but the other fellow says that he does not agree with the decision of the Shari'ah, he becomes an infidel, because merely knowing is not called faith, as otherwise the infidels too knew Allah and the Apostle to be true, and so believing too is a condition.

Regarding the fifth kind of the causes of infidelity, he states, ‘Or someone ridiculed any matter of the Shari'ah. For instance, a man started imitating a preacher of the Quran and some people, sitting around him, by way of frolic, began to ask him questions. So all of them became infidels.’

A Necessary Explanation

It is stated in the Fatawa 'Alamgiri that the cases in which anathematization is done unanimously, it is incumbent that one should repent (tawbah) and recant and perform wedlock afresh. And be it clear that in cases where there is divergence of opinion as regards anathematization, the defaulter, however, by way of a precaution, will be ordered to perform the marriage ceremony again and also repent for and recant from what he said. And as regards those words about which it has been said that they are a lapse and not conducive to infidelity, the speaker thereof will not be asked to re-perform the marriage ceremony and recant, although he will be told not to repeat them as otherwise he will be a sinner. This is stated in the Moheet.

The Last Will

Maulana Abdul-Haq Haqqani, at the end of his book, 'Aqa'id-e-Islam, writes by way of a will that no bounty is greater than faith because a sinner too will get release from Hell by reason of his faith and will at last go to Paradise. So, its protection is always incumbent, and to save oneself from sins and to engage in devotions for its (faith's) decoration) is proper. Every thing of this universe is perishable, while that world is eternal. So let not any wise man attach his heart to any thing of this world; on the contrary, let him be eager for that holy universe and resort to the Source of Grace, the Necessarily-existent Being, the Reality of every existing thing, the Great Creator. Persian couplet: -"Attach your heart to the Beloved (lit. Comfort of the Heart) you have, and close your eyes to the rest of the world.’

O man! Leaving physical comfort, turn your face towards the sacred Universe and break the rope of relations before death. Persian couplets: -"In the early Morning the Bird of holy realm whistled to me from the Sidrah tree, saying: ‘Don't take rest in this place infested with snares of accidents. The angels have decorated for you the pleasure-house of love, while you are lying in this house of grief like afflicted people.’”
None will come again to this world. Whatever you want to do, do today. Who knows what is there in store for us tomorrow. So, if anyone feels any doubt anywhere, one should immediately get it solved by any religious divine, and if none is available, one may think that none is wiser than Allah and His Apostle peace and blessings be upon him; whatever they have said is true. "It is the fault of my own understanding'; because human understanding is unable to have cognition of thousands of worldly affairs!

"0 Allah! Even as You have bestowed faith upon us without our asking for it, kindly also save it from every kind of calamity, and give us entry into Paradise called ‘Jannat al-Firdaus’ and show us not any affliction in the world and the Hereafter"! Ameen!
Maulana Abdul-Haq Haqqani's book, 'Aq'id-e-elslam, is a very comprehensive book for knowing all the beliefs of Islam. Every literate and educated Muslim and those non-Muslims who want to know more about Islam in a systematic manner should go through this book, Correct knowledge is the basis of good conduct. Those who know will come to the right path sooner or later.

I had translated this book into English at the request of an institution but the manuscript is still lying with me unpublished. It will be a great service to those Muslims who have settled in English-speaking countries if this English translation is published and made available to them. There is an awful scarcity of books in English written by true and recognised Muslims scholars and divines on Islamic subjects; and they were perhaps not needed so acutely a few decades bock as they are needed now. In fact the affluent Muslim states should rise to the occasion to fulfil this need with original and translated books. (Translator)

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