His Last Will

Hazrat Siddiq-e Akbar  made a reference of his obedience to the Apostle and his conformance to religion in his last will itself. He dictated it at the time when he nominated Hazrat Umar Farouq  in his place. Hearing of this some people approached him and said to him: "What will you answer to your Lord when He will question you regarding your nominating Umar as caliph? You are making Umar caliph though you very well know his stern manner".

Hazrat Abu Bakr was lying on his deathbed. He said: "Help me to sit" and then he said "Do you frighten me as regards Allah? That man is in loss who took the fare of tyranny in your affair. I will say, 'My Allah! I have made such a man caliph over the people, who is good among your creatures'! Then he said, "Go and convey what I have said to the people who are behind you". Then he lay down and dictated the following will: -

"In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. It is that agreement which Abu Bakr bin Abi Quhafa has made during the last leg of his journey from the world and while stepping into the Hereafter - the Hereafter where even the unbeliever will be a believer and the sinful (Fajir) will also admit with certainty, and the denier of the Hereafter will also confirm it. Indubitably I have made Umar bin Khattab, khalifa over you people. So now carry out his order and obey him. I have not been remiss in doing good to Allah's and His Apostle's religion and to my own self and to you. If I did justice (and about him too my expectation is the same and my knowledge too about him is the same); and if I did contrary to it, then there is reward and punishment for every man in accordance with his deeds. As for me, I have intended good only, and I am not aware of the Unseen (ghayb). 'Those who do wrong will come to know by what a (great) reverse they will be overturned.' (XXVI: 227). And peace and Allah's mercy be upon you!"

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