The Elders Internal Perception

The Lord of the Universe endows these gentlemen with that far-seeing and truth-seeing insight about which the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him says: - ‘Fear the believers' intuitive perception (firasat) because they see with the light of Allah (i.e. even from long distances and in pite of the distance of time and space they see things).’ And what is hidden behind thousands of veils and in the recesses of hearts, Allah Most High shows them. By it, it is not meant the disclosing of the secrets of anyone or anyone' ignominy, but the veils are removed for the good of the people so that they may lead the people towards the path of truth and train them properly.

Accordingly, our Shaikh, having observed the causes of these misfortunes, calamities and conditions, wrote a book on this topic, entitled ‘AI-I'tedal fi Maratib al-Rijal’ alias ‘Islami Siyasat’, in which he has prevented the Muslims from deplorable actions like insulting, aggrieving, scoffing at and ridiculing men of Allah. Besides the external eyes, Allah Most High gives his approved slaves those eyes of the heart also wherewith they can see all things which the reason, insight and guidance of these human like animals cannot see. Millions of such incidents are available in the Islamic history. Since presently it is not our topic, we do not mention them here. Only one incident is mentioned.

Khwaja Hasan Afghani's Intuitive Perception

Khwaja Hasan Afghani was one of the most glorious successors of Hazrat Shaikh Baha al-Din Zakariya Multani. He possessed the power of illumination (kashf) and miraculous gifts.

Biographers write about him that in the esoteric sciences he was absolutely unschooled, but the condition of the esoteric sciences was such as if the whole Protected Tablet was inscribed on his unmalicious chest.

People, just to test him, used to write three lines on paper to show him; one line from the holy Quran, the second from the prophetic Hadith lore and the third from the sayings of the Sufi Shaikh. Having observed them he would put his index finger on the Quranic line and would say, "This is Allah's speech". Then he would point towards the line of Hadith and would say: "This is prophetic order'; and then putting his hand on the third line he would say: "This line is from the sayings of the Sufi Shaikhs" When the people asked him: "How did you know this"? He would say: "There is no reason for identification, but when I look at the Quranic line I see that its light extends up to infinite space (La Makan), the appearance of Hadith I see up to the seventh heaven and the light of the sayings of the Sufi Shaikhs I behold up to the lunar sky."

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