Visitation For Nursing Enmity Against
Hazrat S'ad 

Similar is Hazrat S'ad bin Abi Waqqas's  case related in the Bukhari Shaiff that he had been appointed as governor of Kufa by the second caliph, Hazrat Umar Farouq . An anonymous letter reached Hazrat Umar Farouq  from Kufa complaining that Hazrat S'ad  did not lead the prayers properly. Accordingly, Hazrat Umar  sacked him and appointed Hazrat Ammar bin Tasir  in his place. Hazrat Ibn Mas'ud ^ was appointed superintendent of the public treasury and Hazrat S'ad ibn Abi Waqqas  was recalled to Madina.

When he approached Hazrat Umar , Hazrat Umar  asked him: "These Kufans say that you don't lead the prayers properly"?

Harrat S'ad replied: "Allah! I used to lead the prayer in the same way, as did the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. I did not show any remises in it. When I led the 'Isha prayer, I used to lengthen the first two rak'ahs and shorten the latter two". "O Abu Ishaq! My supposition,' remarked Hazrat Umar , "regarding you was the same".

Thereafter Hazrat Umar  dispatched an inquiry commission along with him to Kufa to inquire and investigate from the Kufans.

When this commission reached Kufa and started its work, the members of the commission did not leave any mosque where they must not have inquired about Hazrat S'ad , but they found that all the people used to praise him, until they reached the mosque of Banu Abas. A man from amongst them whose name was Usaqa bin Qatadah and his patronymic appellation was Abu S'adah, stood up and said, ‘When you beseech us, so hear that S'ad does not go with the army for jihad, that he does not divide the booty properly and that he does not decide disputes justly.’

At this Hazrat S'ad  said in reply, "By Allah! I also give you three curses, ‘0 Allah! If this slave of yours is a liar and he has said so only to make a show to the people and for their hearing, give him a very long life, make him extremely needy and involve him in mischief!’”

Reconciliation between This Accusation And Curse by Our Revered Shaikh

Our revered Shaikh (may his shadow never grow less!) says that that man had levelled three charges against Harrat S'ad . The first of these was that, ‘He is afraid of death,’ and since he wants to live long in the world, he does not go for fighting. So Hazrat S'ad said: ‘0 Allah! You know that I don't want this. So lengthen his own life!’”

The second charge was that, ‘He does not divide the booty properly.’ The implication of it is that I am afraid of poverty and so, for fear of poverty I amass wealth with me. ‘0 Allah! You know that I have no greed for money. So make him needy of single cowries (i.e., reduce him to abject poverty) which he may go about begging from the people.’

"The third charge levelled by him was that, ‘He does not decide (cases) justly.’ The implication is that he called me wicked. ‘O Allah! Involve him in wickedness.’

The narrator reports that he fell on very evil days. Whenever anyone inquired his condition, he would say: "I am a very senile, afflicted man. S'ad's curse pursues me".

The narrator, Abd al-Malik bin Omayr says: "Thereafter I myself saw that he was alive for such a long time that his eyebrows had hung down upon his eyes. He used to go about begging from the people and used to tease and tease girls on the way.’

Hazrat S'ad bin Abi Waqqas  was the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him high-ranking Companion as well as a maternal uncle. The result of accusing him falsely, Allah showed in this very world, and about the Hereafter Allah Alone knows best. "O Allah! We seek Your shelter from Your wrath and the Apostle's anger and Your saints' anger!"

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