The Noble Companions Were Mountains
Of Patience and Endurance:

They used to face the hardship and afflictions but the faith and certitude in their heart were firm like a fixed mountain which could not be shaken a whit. Perhaps the endurance of hundreds, indeed thousands and millions of the Muslims today cannot match the power of faith of Abu Jandal alone... that even in such a parlous trial he staunchly stuck to his Islam and did not show any weakness or flinched from his course. May Allah be pleased with him and more pleased. Instead of extinguishing the smouldering fire in the restless hearts of such afflicted lovers, it was further inflamed: the real Beloved, just to test them, called them up to His door and then returned them. He showed a glimpse of Himself in a dream but did not give its interpretation soon. What must have been the lover's condition is beyond words; there is no power in any pen to describe it, no strength in any tongue to narrate it. Till now they were, to some extent, expecting that perhaps the order might be changed and the obstructers would be punished for their mischief. But when the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him asked them to sacrifice the animals there and get tonsured, the sad and sorrow-stricken and heart broken Companions sat down motionlessly and a howling wilderness ensued. Although they were so obedient that when in the mosque the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him asked them to sit down and his melodious voice reached the ears of a Companion at the gate of the mosque, he immediately sat down there (in the midst of shoes); but today, despite hearing the instruction directly, no one moved. They were heavyhearted, as if a mountain of sorrow was upon their hearts; for not being able to meet the Beloved even after reaching His Door. When the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him repeated this sentence thrice and found the 1400 Companions faint and half-dead, he thought perhaps they expected change in this order; so, in order to correct this misunderstanding, he himself first offered the sacrifice and got himself tonsured. They all were convinced and all of them made the sacrifices, and after tonsuring put on their clothes, and returned to Madina after the treaty.

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