The Evil End of A Woman Who Lodged A False
Litigation against Hazrat Saeed bin Zayd

Many other cases of prompt visitation on men who sneered at and pestered the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him have been recorded in books of biography. Those apart, when even a little annoyance and pain was caused to his lovers and devotees of his Sunnahs, Allah Most High, according to His declaration, "Whoever nurses enmity against any one of My saints, to him is given an ultimatum of war from Me, which destroyed their enemies immediately. Such a case is reported by Hazrat Orwah bin Zubayr that when a dispute arose between Sa'eed bin Zayd bin Umar and Arwah bint Aws, she took the case to Merwan bin al-Hakam.

The claim was that Sa'eed bin Zayd had misappropriated some of Arwah's land. Sa'eed bin Zayd said: "How could I usurp her land while I have heard the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him hadith! Merwan asked him what he had heard. He said: "I have heard the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him say that whoever usurps even a span of land of anyone, on the Day of Judgement a collar of that much measurement of all the seven layers of the earth will be put around his neck". Hearing this Hadith, Merwan said: "Now I will not ask you to produce any other witness in this litigation.

Hazrat Sa'eed invoked a curse saying: "O Allah! If this woman is a liar, make her blind and give her death in her own land. The narrator reports that she did not die as long as she did not become blind, and the other part of the curse was fulfilled thus that one day she was walking on her land when she fell into a ditch and died.

A tradition is also related in Muslim Sharif. Its narrator reports: "I saw that she had become blind and used to beg small coins from the people and used to say: 'Hazrat Sa'eed's curse has befallen me'. And one day when she was passing by a well in the same land for which she had sued Hazrat Sa'eed, she accidentally fell into it and the same well became her grave".

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