A Brief List of Hazrat Shaikh Al Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakaria's Urdu Works

1. Faza'il-e Namaz.
2. Faza'il-e Quran-e Majeed.
3. Faza'il-e Zikr.
4. Faza'il-e Durud Sharif.
5. Faza'il-e Tabligh.
6. Faza'il-e Ramazan al-Mubarak.
7. Faza'il-e Sadaqat.
S. Faza'il-e Hajj.
9. Hikayaat-e Sahaba.
10. Islami Siyasat.
11. Ikhtelaaf-e A'imma.
12. Quran-e Azeem Awr Jabriyah Ta'lim.
13. Risala Strike.
14. Majmu'a-e Aap Biti.
15. Ikmaal al-Shiyam ma'e Muqaddama-e Hazrat Shaikh.
16. Irshad al-Muluk ma'e Muqaddama-e Hazrat Shaikh.
17. Khwan-e Khalil.
18. Khasa'il-e Nabavi ma'e Urdu Sharh-e Shama'il-e Tirmizi

Books By Other Authors

‘Sohbate Ba Awlia’ by Maulana Taqi al-Din Nadvi Mazahiri, with Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi's Introduction. A fine collection of the Shaikh al-Hadith's discourses and statements which awaken the latent sentiment for self-culture, care for the Hereafter, and a feeling of faith and certitude. These also instil the mysteries of Tasawwuf and Ihsaan.

‘Haqiqate-e Shukr’ by Maulana Abdur Rahim Motala Surti. The reality about Divine Obligations and Gratitude

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