The Incomparable Success

The cause of this success and good fortune and all those victories was the religion brought by the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and conformance to his methods. It is the holy Companions' unusual achievement that within a short time not only did they learn a religion and its methods, which were quite new to them, but they also acted upon it and demonstrated to the world with their action what conformance and action should truly be.

In return and as a reward for this Allah Most High declared the perfection of Islam at their hands: "This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favour unto you, and have chosen for you as religion AL-ISLAM (‘The Surrender’ to Allah)."

What a great human excellence it was, for it was a new action and an unusual method for them, but acting upon it they brought it to perfection. Allah Most High will bestow upon them its real reward in the Hereafter, but a nominal glimpse of it they were shown in this world also, although this reward compared to the rewards of the Hereafter is simply insignificant. But on account of their labours and their assiduousness for religion, Allah Most High exalted them in this world too, details of which Allamah Ibn Kathir has described in his exegesis (Tafsir) at one place.

It is the very same Islam, not a single serif of which will change till the Day of judgement. Allah Most High gave dominance to the followers of the same religion of Islam over the infidels and from the east to the west they went galloping their horses and trampled much of the land of the world under their horses' hoofs; they won country after country in a canter, and the necks of great despots and refractory potentates bent down before them. Caesar's and Khosroe's riches and treasures were laid at their feet, and victory and booty began to kiss their stirrups. The mighty and brilliant empire of Iran was conquered and its blazing fire-temples cooled down before the resplendence of Islam. The equally mighty Caesar's throne and crown were brought under subjection and the enormous wealth of these two super-powers of that period, these servants of Allah spent wholeheartedly and lavishly to win Allah's pleasure and to spread His true Prophet's religion; and the people saw Allah's and the Prophet's promises coming true like the fourteenth-night moon. The vilifiers of Prophet Jesus’ name - the worshippers of devils under his holy name -, compelled at the hands of the true worshippers of Allah, handed the blooming and pullulating gardens and populous towns of Syria to them and rushed to take shelter in Rome. From there too they were turned out with disgrace and reached Constantinople along with the supporters of their king, but from there also the Muslims drove them out with ignominy and humiliation.

But today the Umma-e Muhammadiya, because it has turned from its platform and has turned away its face from the religion brought by their true Prophet peace and blessings be upon him by his sunnah, by way of punishment for its misdeeds, has again been put under their domination, by the Holy, Powerful, Omnipotent and Just Lord - and it was indeed a demand of His justice too - so that the Umma-e Muhammadiya may feel and perceive its own error and may again return to its original view-point and true religion, as Hazrat Maulana Mahmud Hasan Shaikh al-Hind Deobandi has said:- (Urdu couplet):

"Hearken! The vicissitudes of the world are the Lord's sermonisers.
From every change comes the sound: 'understand; understand'."

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