In The Name Of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful
We Praise Allah and Send Blessings to the Noble Messenger

It was the intention of this humble self, on account of a dream, to write a treatise on the auspicious sunnah (practices) of the Chief of the Two Worlds peace and blessings be upon him, but due to my own limited knowledge I was feeling diffident in setting pen to paper. When this year I had the good luck of coming from London to pass the holy month at Astana-e Khalili, it was during my stay here that the thought crossed my mind that in this auspicious month and at this blessed place, in this delightful gathering of Allah’s friends, I should start this work.

Accordingly, on Friday, 26th Ramazan al-Mubarak, A.H. 1390, 1 started writing after the Friday prayer, in the devotional seclusion (a’itekaf) in the mosque. This humble writer has not happened to write any book or treatise before this, but in arranging this material I have taken advantage from different Arabic and Urdu books, and having completed it. Now I offer it to the readers. May Allah Most High, having pardoned my sins, bestow general popularity on this book and enrich and exalt this insignificant writer and the learned readers with the wealth of conformance to the Sunnah! 'This is not a hard thing for Allah.'

And peace be on you!

Muhammad Yusuf Motala,
Bolton, (U.K.)

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