Aggrieving the Men of Allah

My Chief's and Masterís Statement

My chief and master (may his shadow never grow less!) often says that when any one aggrieves the men of Allah, and they do not take its revenge and instead observe reticence, it is usually a very dangerous thing and there is fear of the oppressor's destruction.

Qutb Al-Irshad Maulana Gangohi's Statement

He says that the people who insult religious divines and scoff at them, their faces turn from the Qiblah in the grave. He who wishes can see it for himself.

And why should it not be so? For as much as a man may be a follower of the Shari'ah and the Sunnah, he will be a friend of Allah to that extent, and when anyone aggrieves a friend of Allah, he is given an ultimatum of war by Allah. There is a Hadith-e Qudsi:

"He who nurses enmity with any one of My friends, to him I give ultimatum of war." When the Creator of both the worlds gives ultimatum of war to anyone, what doubt can there be regarding his destruction?

Hence history is replete with such incidents that whenever people insulted and humiliated a slave of Allah, hurt him by hand or by tongue, Divine Jealousy (ghayrat) immediately took revenge and ruined and destroyed the antagonists.

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