A Useful Book

In the present age when this disease is common, the book ‘Islami Siyasat’ should be present in every house, and it should be read again and again. How many times the common run of men should read it I don't say, but they can propose their course or number from the following incident that a friend of ours who is a very high-ranking religious divine once told me that he must have read this book ten times and was still reading it. When such a great divine reads it ten times, the common people may make up their own assumptions. [I translated this book into English for Qari Abdul Hameed panoliwala of Johannesburg, South Africa, in May, 1977, but there is no information so far (Nov. 5,1981) whether he has got it printed and published or not. (Translator)]. 

By reading this book one would be able to estimate correctly what is meant by insulting and aggrieving men of Allah and what are their results, that one receives disgrace and ignominy in the world and, more than that, not only is one deprived of a wealth like faith, one's Hereafter is also ruined. Much more than and prior to worldly loss and misfortunes and calamities, there is apprehension of the ruin of man's afterlife. 

Hence one should very much abstain from annoying such conformers of the Sunnah; rather, one should not at all speak out even a single sentence whereby they may be feeling aggrieved and vexed even a little, as otherwise there is apprehension of destruction. 

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Precaution Against Scoffing & Taunting Is Necessary

When the effect of one sentence can be this, let alone scoffing, gibing and poking fun in which the extreme purpose of one may be disgracing and insulting the followers of the sunnah. How can then the Jealous Lord and the Owner of the Sunnah, the Sovereign of the World *tolerate it? Hence, taking care of our religion and faith, we should set right our dealings with such religious men who may be the followers of the Sunnah. May Allah bestow grace and understanding upon all of us! Amen! 

But if such orthodox conformers of the sunnah happen to be involved in such a polluted atmosphere or in the society of mean persons, where they are execrated and pestered only because of conformance to the sunnah, they should not at all feel confounded. This has happened with the former faithful men also. Accordingly, it is stated in the holy Quran that they used to be pestered for believing Allah to be One. So if we are put to inconveniences for following the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him Sunnah, what can be a greater happiness than this? Hence one should not at all care about anyone's opposition, as Mufti Sayyid Abdur Rahim writes in his Fatawa Rahimiyyah that to leave the true thing on being confounded by the reproach and taunting of the slaves of desire is Abu Talib's wont. Accordingly, the Holy prophet peace and blessings be upon him entreated his dying uncle to utter the kalimah 'La ilaha illallaho Muhammadur Rasullullah" only once, but his uncle Abu Talib said: "You have offered to me a religion which I consider superior to all the religions of the world, but had I not had the fear of people's censure and taunting, you would have found me brave in accepting the truth.” 

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Hazrat Huzayfa's  Method

The sum and substance of it is that to forsake truth for fear of people's scoffing and reproaching is Abu Talib's way, and to stick to truth unflinchingly, not caring a tinker's damn for the censure of the whole world, is the sunnah of the crusader of Islam, Hazrat Huzayfa bin Yaman . Once he was travelling. While eating his meal a morsel fell down from his auspicious hand. Cleaning it he began to put it into his mouth. The Persians were watching. His servant rounded him in the ear, "Sir, please don't do like this. These Persians consider it very bad to pick up and eat a fallen morsel and look down upon such persons." He retorted "Should I give up the Sunnah of my Beloved Friend for the sake of these idiots"? 

Hence, under any circumstances and for any reason a Sunnah must not be given up, though the censurer’s may say any thing. As my chief and spiritual director, the Shaikh al-Hadith (may his shadow never grow less!) wrote in a letter, "For the future too, my advice is this only, that you should not be grudging in trying to spread the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him and the noble Companions' (may Allah be pleased with all of them!) way of life and should not care a pin if the worldlings consider you despicable and insignificant. Urdu couplet: -The people may consider me deprived of dignity and sedateness but let him not think that I am not worthy of his banquet. 

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Two Necessary Things

In fact nowadays a mentality of freethinking and hatred for religion is being created, for the common run of men who are usually absolutely simple-minded. There is not a scintilla of this free thought and carelessness about religion, nor of scoffing at religious things, religious commandments and the religious elders and the noble Companions in their minds. But the things that corrupt their minds and deviate them from the behaviour and right beliefs of their ancestors and religious august men and create aversion in their hearts for the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him auspicious Sunnahs are two: - 

One of them is to associate with such men of mischievous and devilish qualities who do not believe in the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, the noble Companions and the religious august men nor follow this religion of truth. So one is to distance oneself from the company of such evil men. 

The other is not to read the books written by such persons, for the apparent form and the apparent topic of these books might be something else, but the real theme and motive is to create hatred for the coherent and consecutive religion that has come down to us from the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and also to produce aversion for those religious predecessors through whom this religion reached us as well as for the consecutive religious commandments. Allah forbid! 

These are the only two things whereby the beliefs of our simple-minded common men are being corrupted. Hence, with whomsoever you may associate, you should ponder over his talk in loneliness and if you find criticism or insult of the holy Companions or religious elders or anything religious from his talk, you should break your relations with him from the moment you feel convinced of his attitude, as there is apprehension of the corruption of beliefs from this too. 

The other thing is the reading of books. So as long as it is not known whether the author of the book is of correct belief or an irreligious man, a book of such an unknown author or one whose religious condition is not known should never be read, although such books may have been distributed free of charge. Because, Allah forbid, if the belief admits an error once and if death comes before consulting our ulema of right belief for recanting, one will die with aversion for our predecessors and ancestors. Then what would be and should be the condition of such a man is known to all. 

Hence, to maintain the correct beliefs one should avoid the company of irreligious men although they may be glib-tongued and their talks may be very fascinating; one should however shun the company of such human looking satans. 

Secondly, one should not read any book that one can lay hands upon without first asking our ulema because the real thing is to maintain the correctness of our faith and belief. 

May Allah Most High call us back from this world with the love for the company of the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, noble Companions and the religious august men! Ameen! 

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