The Holy Companions' Matchless Compliance
And Allah's Reward

The holy Companions came out so successful in complying with these orders that their example, let alone the successors, is not found even amongst the predecessors. It is the same intrepidity, the same obedience to the Prophet and the same patience and perseverance wherefore they always remained enriched with divine succour and with in a short time, in spite of less number (strength) and shortage of provisions they conquered the east and the west. Not only did they become the masters of the conquered countries but also conquered the peoples' hearts and acquainted them with Allah. They subjugated the Romans, the Persians, the Turks, the Seqalians, the Berbers, the Negroes, in short, all the whites and blacks of the world; and elevated Allah's order, spread the true religion and established Islamic states in all the corners of the world. May Allah be pleased with them and further more pleased. Just think that within the brief span of 30 years they changed the map of the world and turned the page of history. May Allah resurrect us too in their group! Ameen!

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