Decrease In Rewards In Proportion To
Decline In Obedience & Fidelity

Then as the illuminating light that had been transmitted from the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him bosom to the holy Companions chests had spread it to all parts and nooks and corners of the world, within a few years, it began to diminish in the Muslims' chests and its light went on diminishing. Allah Most High, finding their capability for vicegerency on earth decreasing, withdrew this great bounty from them.

In the present period when our lives and our ways of life are Completely different from that of Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him ways. Instead of following the holy ways we are miles away. Even after our aversion, sins, misdeeds, and mistakes Allah most high has bestowed his grace upon us just for following the commonest Sunnah. Today vast parts of land are under Muslim domain and we are abundantly and plentifully provided. Circumstances and resources are in every way favourable. Perhaps these days there will not be any Muslim meagre enough to starve. Everyone is earning a living with ease. We are in great comfort. We may steer our lives any way we like. Our diligence and wisdom should be to mould our lives in a way as to achieve the intended goal with ease. Should we start deviating, disputing and considering the atmosphere to be unfavourable, our over indulged, precious lifetime will soon be over. The Shadow of Death will cut off our last chance of repentance and no one would ever come to know about the agony of death we would be passing through in the midst of the sea; and even if one discovered it, help would hardly reach us and we would get drowned in the mighty sea, saying with a hundred regrets: -

"If only Thou wouldst give us respite yet a while" (IV: 77)

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