Islam as a Way of Life is Unique in Itself

There are prayers for every occasion. Sleeping and awakening, entering and leaving home, entering and leaving the mosque, before meal and after, morning and evening, wearing and taking off clothes, commencing the journeys and returning, seeing off, congratulating, visiting sick, condolences, giving charity and even when performing conjugal duties. Each and every one no more than a few words you can utter and time consumed in them is less than lighting a match or drinking a glass of water.

All you need to do is learn them, practice them and see the result. It is mine and all our learned Alims experience that if you have the will, help will be forthcoming. Where there is will there is a way. Once you start there is no telling what worldly and spiritual benefit you may end up with.

We are most lucky in a way that all these beneficial methods were passed on to us at no cost. Comparatively you donít need to look very far but in your own modern surroundings where every new moon brings about a weird, cloth throwing, money grabbing, bearded disguise of a saint, luring modern men, women and children to God knows what sort of life. Some who has no aptitude to conform takes refuge in alcohol or drugs. We donít need any thing - we already posses tried and proven methods of success.

In todayís British laws you are free to educate your children any way you wish but efforts are already afoot to change the education Act 1944 whereas no religious denomination school can remain exclusive. Hazrat Motala and few like him are engaged in salvaging the remnants of Islam in todayís society the result of which can be seen as monumental task of running Darul-Uloom in Bury or Tablighi Markaz in Dewsbury. There are many more such projects for the benefit of our coming generations and in fact every small town is struggling in its own way to salvage the souls of citizens of tomorrow. It is our obligation to see that all of them survive. Effort, money and material all must be spared, for that purpose.

It will not be out of place for me to quote an excerpt of the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him saying; promising enormous benefit in life to come:

"To spend a farthing for the benefit of students is equal to spending gold equal in weight of Uhd mountain:'

"To learn an insignificant thing about religion, is worth more than thousand 'Nafil' prayers, even when you cannot act upon it.

Finally I conclude with the saying of Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him:

"Wish the same for everyone as you wish for yourself:'

May Allah be pleased and give us all enlightenment to proceed in the right direction. Aameen.

Deen Merchant

England, 5th January 1985.

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