Diligence for the Sunnah

In spite of following the religion and the Shari'ah and conforming to the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him so strictly he used to be always apprehensive lest the skirt of the Sunnah should slip off his hands. So he used to tell the holy Companions to warn him if they at any time they found him diverting even a little from the way of the Sunnah.

Hence when the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him famous Companion, Hazrat Ma' az bin Jabal  went as an envoy to the court of the Caesar of Rome, as regards the contemporary caliph he once said: "Our chief is Primus inter pares, an individual amongst us. If he follows the Book of our religion and our Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him method, we will continue him as our chief, but if he follows anything else besides these, we will fire him. If he steals, we'll amputate his hand, an if he commits adultery or fornication, we will stone him to death. If he abuses anyone, the abused person can also abuse him in the same way; and if he harms anyone, he will have to compensate for it. He does not hide behind four walls to conceal himself from us. He does not behave proudly with us. As regards booty of war he cannot give himself preference over us. Among us his position is that of an ordinary man:'

Once, giving an address, Hazrat Umar  asked the audience: "Gentlemen! What will you do if moving off from the prophetic way I incline towards the world"? Immediately a commoner stood up and drawing out his sword from the sheath, said: “We'll cut off your head.” Just to test him Hazrat Umar  browbeat him: "Do you say this regarding me"? He said, "Yes, yes, I say this regarding you". Hearing this Hazrat Umar  said: "All praise is for that Allah Who hath created such people among my community that if I walk crookedly, they can put me right".

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