Reward For Love of the Sunnah

It has been stated in a Hadith reported by Hazrat Anas  that the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him told him: "Son! If you are capable of having no malice in your heart for anyone, then adopt this method because it is my practice (Sunnah). One who likes my ways, loves me and he is my companion in heaven.”

We should ponder over our condition as to how far away we have drifted that even the regard of the Sunnah has departed from our hearts, although the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him is promising us his company in paradise even just for loving his Sunnah. In fact the rule is that:

“The one man who considers the ethics of Shari'ah trivial and light, is given the punishment of deprivation of the Sunnah, and the man who considers the Sunnah trivial and light, he is punished with the deprivation of the obligatory religious duties, and he who takes obligatory religious duties to be small is involved in the deprivation of true knowledge (ma 'rifat).”

So when a man considers even the smallest particular and praiseworthy act (mustahab) of the Shari'ah to be petty and does not have the grace to repent for such thinking, he continues to proceed in this path until he comes to such a pass that he begins to raise doubts and objections against the lawful and the unlawful and the principles and beliefs (of the Shari'ah), and in the end washes his hands clean of faith (i.e., loses faith completely). May Allah protect us from such things! Aameen.

Hence, if, unfortunately, any such sentence escapes one's mouth in any company that sounds like a scorn at the Shari'ah, one should immediately repent and seek divine pardon for it, because such an utterance is a token of the lack of love of the Shari' ah and the Prophetic Sunnah, and thereby, besides receiving torture and punishment, one will be deprived of the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him company. For a lover there is no other punishment more severe than this, as someone has well said: -

"Shrewdness in this world consists only in the avoidance of sins. That repentance (taubah) is no repentance at all which may be sacrificed over the glass of wine. Is the sorrow of separation any the less for burning my heart? It will be a further oppression if the evening-lamp is snuffed off so early."

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