Insightful Statements Regarding Innovation

The Companions' Hatred for Innovation

All the holy Companions' position regarding innovation is voiced by Hazrat Abdullah bin Moghaffal ^ in the following words:

"I did not see any one from amongst the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him Companions that he might have nursed as much hatred against anything as he did against innovation" (Tirmizi, vol. ii, p.23).

Punishment For Having Contact With An Innovator

Fuzail bin Iyaz, who is one of the greatest saints, says: “Abstain also from the company of the one fellow who might have (any time) associated with an innovator.” He further says that whoever loves an innovator, Allah Most High obliterates all his good deeds and takes away the light of Islam from his heart". (When such be the position for loving or having relations with an innovator, what must be the condition of the innovator himself?).

It is also his statement that no deed of an innovator reaches Allah, and remember well that whoever aided an innovator, aided in the demolition of Islam. And this tradition of the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him has already been quoted in previous pages that, "he who honoured an innovator, helped in the demolition of Islam".

Muhammad bin Nadhar says that whosoever paid attention to the talk of an innovator, divine protection is taken away from him and he is left to rely on his own self.

The Innovator's Action Is Not Approved

Laith bin S'ad says, “If I were to see an innovator walk on water, I would not accept him.”

When Imam Shafi'i heard these sagacious words of Hazrat Laith bin S'ad, he remarked: "Imam Laith has still understated (Not repudiated enough). Even if I was to see an innovator flying in the air, I would not accept him.”

Recompense For Rejecting Innovation

Muhammad bin Sahl Bukhari reports: "We were sitting in the company of Imam Ghazali and he began to censure the innovators. We said: ‘We would prefer to listen to you relating Hadith instead.’

Hearing this Imam Ghazali became furious. He remarked: 'My speaking in repudiation of the innovators, is more dearer to me than sixty years' worship"

In short, many such severe sentences and strictures against innovation and innovators have been reported from the religious elders. And why not, because Satan, through innovation, wants to corrupt and distort the neat and clean Shari'ah brought by the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him Hence, even in the prophetic Hadiths such things have been declared to be rejectable, as it is stated in a Hadith reported in the Muslim Sharif: - "Anyone who does a deed about which we have not ordered, that deed is rejectable.”

Sahl Bin Abdullah Tastari's Statement

"Sunnah will depart from one who cherishes friendship with an innovator, and Allah Most High will seize the light of faith (iman) from one who laughs along with an innovator".

Mujaddid Alf-E Sani's Statement

Hazrat Mujaddid Alfe-e Sani states "Works of innovation increase darkness and decrease luminosity, whereas conformance to the Sunnah decreases darkness and increases luminosity".

Thirty Years' Punishment For Loving An Innovator

It is stated in the Fatawa Bazzaziali that Hazrat Abullah ibn Mubarak saw someone in a dream and asked him as to how Allah Most High dealt with him. The man said: "I was reprimanded and held in 30 years to account for this fault only that I had cast looks of affection on an innovator, and Allah Most High asked me as to why I did not nurse enmity against the enemy of His religion.”

Khwaja Ma'soom Sarhindi's Statement

Some of Khwaja Ma' soom Sarhindi's letters on the rejection of innovation are being quoted here. In one letter he says: -"Keep off an innovator. Don't sit with an innovator; rather, don't let him sit in your majlis, for the innovators are the dogs of Hell".

"That path only which the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him has treaded is the approved path, which has come out from his personal belovedness. To walk on this path is to conform to the Shari'ah. The man who wants to walk on the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him path, should fully adopt the path of the Shari' ah and should be firm in following the Sunnah and in abstaining from innovation. He should walk between the candles of the Book and the Sunnah so that he may not be involved in the darkness of innovation and Satan's paths". (Hikayaat, p.231).

In another letter he writes: "The execution of the tasks of worship and the performance of duties (Fara'iz), sunnahs (sunan) and the indispensable acts (wajibaat) is bound with refraining from innovation, prohibited acts and abominable works. The more one tries to conform to the Shari'ah and abstain from innovation the more one's internal light will increase, and the way towards the Divine Court will open.

"Conformance to the Sunnah is certainly rewarding, redeeming and an elevator of ranks, there is no probability of contradiction in it. But in all other things besides this there is danger upon danger, rather a satanic path in them. So abstain much from them and be fully cautious, because, after truth, what remains there but deviation? “

"The firm religion (Islam) which has been proven through categorical revelation (wahy) cannot be forsaken merely because of absurd things and superstitions."

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