A Tremendous Trial

The Lord Most High wanted to perfect the religion during the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him lifetime itself. Hence every thing and every quality of the Companions was put into the furnace of trial and test. Accordingly, in the incipient period of Islam they were involved in various kinds of afflictions and woes to see if they held their lives dearer than Allah's and His Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him orders. Then they were separated from their wives and children and kith and kin to see if they loved their families and clans and the world and worldly goods more than Allah and the Apostle. At last they were bereft of all such things. But the holy Companions succeeded with flying colours in all such tests: in compliance with Allah's and the Apostle's orders they not only agreed verbally to leave their goods and clans, wives and children, but also demonstrated it by their action. The test however did not cease there. Rather, they were told: "Consider our enemies as your enemies also, and if they fight against our religion and Our Prophet, you must fight against them also." The holy Companions demonstrated the execution of this order also in the Battle of Badr. Some of them killed their own sons, and some their brothers and some their relatives. In short, all of them jumped into the fray against their own kith and kin.

To day it is very easy for us to read about these events and circumstances: but what an awful trial it must have been for the holy Companions. To consider and treat persons, reared and nurtured by themselves, and those with whom they have passed their lives, life-long friends with whom they had held banquets and made merry, as their worst enemies! Not only this, but they had also proved it by killing such nearest and dearest in the battlefield as and when the occasion arose. One can only admire the holy Companions love for Allah, His Apostle and the religion brought by him. In following the religion they had forgotten all and sacrificed all.

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