The Reason for Perfect Obedience

In short, Siddiq-e Akbar's  entire life was a practical specimen of the Sovereign of the Worlds, the Prophet’s peace and blessings be upon him holy life. At every step, every movement and every pause his aim used to be this only as to what the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him procedure on such an occasion and condition was and what he had said under such a situation.

In fact the more a man loves a person the more he wishes to imitate the beloved's works, i.e. copy him/her in every thing. The love Hazrat Siddiq-e Akbar had for the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him he did not have for anyone else. Scores of facts and incidents of this love have been related in books of history. To give an idea and to serve as a specimen an incident or two are quoted here.

After the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him death the effect of the pain of separation and the sorrow of estrangement on Hazrat Siddiq-e Akbar was so deep that he could not bear to hear his holy name. Accordingly, during his period of caliphate, when he made Hazrat Umar  his deputy and went for umrah, some men came to see him there and the moment they saw him they greeted him saying: "As-Salamo alaika Ya Khalifatu Rasulullah (peace and blessings be upon him).
Hearing his beloved's name in their greeting Hazrat Siddiq-e Akbar began to weep bitterly. Then along with his father Abu Quhafa he went to his house, took a bath and then came out. Again the people came to meet him. Walking ahead of them he was inculcating patience to them as regards the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and was bitterly weeping.

Then due to this pain and sorrow of separation he fell ill; and the nature of this sickness itself is such that it goes on increasing day by day. Medication and medicine act as fuel in a burning hearth; rather the very mention of this disease is not less than rubbing salt on wounds. Even if you keep the patient of this disease on a riverbank or in a magnificent mansion in a royal garden, still all this privacy, this recreation and all these attractive and fascinating scenes will only prove as the means of increasing and intensifying the disease.

It is indeed paradoxical and unintelligible that it is called a disease and it is said to be love and a madness and yet one takes a pride in it and invocations are made for increase in it, as Tajwar Najibabadi had said: -"Why shouldn't one, whom the Beloved's glance may acquaint with in secret, pride oneself over one's goodness of fortune? Sorrows were freed from the care of the two worlds. May Allah lengthen the sequence of your madness!”

In brief, Siddiq-e Akbar went on melting in this disease and burning in this fire. The auspicious body kept melting and day by day he became weaker and weaker. So when a physician examined him during the last phase of his life, he remarked that his (Hazrat Abu Bakr's) heart was boiling from inside like a casserole and it seemed as if he had received a severe shock.

Finally, in treading the path of love he at last reached his beloved, as the poet has said: -

"0 bird of morning (Bulbul)! Learn love from the moth,
for that burnt one gave up his life without making any sound."

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