Damnation for Anyone Who Renounces the Sunnah

And the Chief of Both the Worlds peace and blessings be upon him has himself invoked damnation upon those who oppose Allah and His messenger and his methods. It states in a Hadith reported by Hazrat Ayesha (radiyallahu anha) that the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said:

"I curse and Allah also curses six men, and every prophet is a person whose invocations are accepted by Allah. (Those six men are): (1) One who interpolates in Allah's Book. (2) One who falsifies fate decreed by Allah. (3) One who considers legitimate things forbidden by Allah (4) One who legitimises anyone from amongst my progeny whom Allah has declared forbidden. (5) One who renounces Sunnah (6) Tyrannous ruler who through his tyranny brings low whom Allah has endued with honour and endues with honour whom Allah has created low.

After Allah's and the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him damnation, where can one have any shelter in the world and the Hereafter? May Allah keep us under His protection and safety and bestow upon us the grace to act upon His will. Amen.

Many such incidents will be found in the books of Hadith, that damnation apart, even if the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him condemned anyone, his worldly life and life hereafter were ruined.

Such stories about the disbelievers and the polytheists are many, but it has occurred with some Muslims also, and the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him became angry with them and if any imprecatory sentence escaped his auspicious tongue, it was immediately answered and materialised forthwith. Then how can the renouncer of the Sunnah who has been cursed by the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him have any shelter in the world and Hereafter?

Let alone the sin of renouncing the Sunnah, when there is also aversion for the Sunnah in the heart and at the same time such a man makes fun of the followers of the Sunnah, how can The Divine Exultance tolerate such ominous sins? Such people should take care of their faith (iman), in that in this world they themselves and others may consider them Muslims, but, tomorrow, on the Day of Judgement, they will be segregated from the group of Muslims; neither will they get the cup of Kausar nor will they receive intercession.

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