The Companions Conformance

Hazrat Abu Ayyub Ansari 

Once the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him presented a slave-woman to Abu Ayyub Ansari , with the instruction, ‘treat her well, for as long as she lived at our place we found her good.’

Taking her along with him, when Abu Ayyub reached home, he said, "I do not find a better answer to the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him advice than this that I may set her free". And with these words he set her free at once.

These august men used to try to execute the prophetic orders in the best possible manner, and with great delight and love, considering it a honour, they used to carry out the prophetic order with as much perfection as they could command.

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Hazrat Harith Bin Nauman 

Hazrat Harith Bin Nauman  had lost his eyesight. He had tied a rope from his swing up to the door of his room. Whenever any needy man came, he would take something from his knapsack, go up to the door with the help of that rope and give it to the needy person with his own hands.

When the members of his household told him that they could have done soon on his behalf, he would say: "I have heard it from the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him that to give (alms) to the needy person with one's own hands saves man from violent death". (Narrator: Tabrani).

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Hazrat Abdullah Bin Mas'ud 

Once in the Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him Mosque, the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him for some reason addressing the Companions said: "Sit down, sit down!” Hazrat Ibn Mas'ud at that time happened to be near the gate. The moment he heard the call, he at once sat down. He got up from there only when the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him called him near.

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Hazrat Abu Zer Ghiifari 

Once he was irrigating his field from the pond when some people came to him and due to their carelessness the earthen dike of the channel was broken and water began to flow out.

When Hazrat Abu Zer Ghifari  saw the water going to waste, he immediately sat down and lay down there in the mud. The people who were present there were astonished and asked him what this action was. Abu Zer replied, “I felt angry at those people's carelessness but at the same time came to my mind the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him statement that, ‘when you feel angry, sit down, and if anger remains still, lie down,’ so I put that instruction into practice.”

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Hazrat Abu Darda 

Once he sought permission from Hazrat Umar  to go to Syria. Hazrat Umar  said, ‘I permit you only on one condition that you become a governor.’ He replied that he did not want to become a governor. Hazrat Umar  said that then he would not permit him to go there. So Abu Darda said, ‘Alright! I will go, but I will teach the prophetic Sunnah to the people and will lead them in prayer''. At this Harrat Umar  permitted him and he went there.

How great was the importance of the prophetic Sunnah in their eyes that to teach it to the people and to exercise them in prophetic methods and manners he undertook a journey to Syria. Accordingly, he consummated what he had said as it is reported in a tradition that after some time Hazrat Umar  went to Syria to inspect him and others. He reached there without intimating anyone and did not enter the habitation during day. After it was night he asked Hazrat Yerfa let us go. Then they went to several amirs and officers (collectors), and before reaching their places Hazrat Umar  used to predict, "0 Yerfa! You would see that there would be storey teIlers near them. A lamp would be alight and they would be sitting on beds of silk that are from the Muslims' booty of war. When you salute them, they would answer but they would not permit you to enter as long as they do not know who you are.

As such, they went around and found the same scene which Hazrat Umar  predicted, and Hazrat Umar  rebuked all of them for this (luxury). Then he said: "Now take me to my brother Abu Darda. We would see neither storytellers with him nor lamp nor a bolted door. Having spread gravel he would be reclining against housing (cloth covering for horse). There would be a thin blanket upon him to ward off cold. When you salute him, he would answer it, and when you ask permission to enter, it would be promptly given and he would not ask you who you are.’”

Hazrat Yerfa reports: "We started walking and when we reached the door Hazrat Umar  said, "As-Salamo 'alaikum" (Peace be on you!). He answered, ‘Wa'laikum as-Salam,’ (On you also be peace). Then Hazrat Umar said, ‘May I come in?’ He replied, ‘Yes, come in.’ The door pushed open, it was not bolted. Accordingly we entered the dark cell. Due to darkness Hazrat Umar  began to grope for him until he found him. He groped his pillow. It was housing and his bedding consisted of small gravel. When his blanket was felt, it was a thin one. Hazrat Abu Darada asked: 'Who is there? Is it the Commander of the Faithful (Amir-ul-Momineen) Hazrat Umar  said yes. Hazrat Abu  Darda said, ‘We have met after a long time. One year has passed.’ Hazrat Umar  said: 'May Allah have mercy on you! Had I not provided for you liberally? And had I not done this and that for you?’

Hazrat Abu Darda  said, 'O Umar! Do you remember that hadith the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him had told us?’ Hazrat Umar  asked, 'Which Hadith?’ He said, 'The Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him has said that the provision of life for every one of you should be as much as a rider's fare' (What a rider can carry easily). Hazrat Umar  said: 'No doubt the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him has said the same'. Hazrat Abu Darda said, 'O Umar! What did we do after him?’

The narrator reports that thereafter both of them kept weeping till dawn.

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