A Strange Happening

Calling this treaty to be a test in his book, Sirat al-Nabi, Maulana Sayyid Sulaiman Nadvi writes that the Companions' tolerating these conditions of the treaty was a very delicate test of their obedience. On the one hand, it openly amounts to an insult to Islam. Hazrat Abu Jandal, wearing fetters, is asking the warriors of Islam to help him while, in the very face of these 1400 warriors, an infidel is slapping Abu Jandal on the face. Witnessing this spectacle all the Muslims are shedding tears that "Allah hath bestowed upon us and on Islam so much honour and yet so much oppression is being inflicted on a brother of ours"! And Abu Jandal too says complainingly: "O Muslims! Will I be entrusted to the infidels again though I have come here as a Muslim? Can't you see what is happening to me"? The narrator reports that severe tyrannies were inflicted on him for merely calling Allah to be the One Lord, otherwise he had no other offence. The purpose of this punishment was only: the way he believed Allah to be the Lord. Hazrat Abu Jandal's statement itself has been reported that calling out Muslims loudly he was saying: "Will I be handed over to the pagans again that they may torture me for my religion of Islam?" Feelings were running high, at a slight hint the swords were ready to be lifted for clinching decision. The agreement is being written but signatures have not been set yet on the pact, when Abu Jandal was brought to this assembly before Suhayl bin Amr (who had the authority to sign this pact on behalf of the Meccans). The Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him looked at Abu Jandal and said: O Abu Jandal! Observe patience and hope for recompense. Allah Most High is undoubtedly going to create an opening and a way for you and your companions. A pact has been made between these people and ourselves and we cannot contravene it."

In short, Hazrat Abu Jandal had to go back in fetters. What a severe and stern test it was the companions as well as Abu Jandal that years had passed over his enduring and tolerating such tyrannies and yet there was none to rescue him! Persian Couplet: -

"0 Lord! It is a great calamity that there is no shelter on this vast earth save yourself!"

Stealthily escaping from the prison in fetters and tottering into the Prophetic Court amidst the warriors of Islam, in the hope that he would be set free. What must have been his feelings on hearing mere words of consolation and apology?

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