The Extent of the Islamic Sultanate

And thereafter the Islamic states continued to change one after another and the Peerless Lord bestowed victories upon the Muslims, as Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi (may his shadow never grow less!) said in one lecture: "Allah's slaves had toiled for some days. What resultís appeared from the fields of Badr and Uhad? The result was that among their descendants was born a man who is known as Harun Rasheed. He is a very famous caliph. I shall tell you an example about his sultanate. Once he was sitting in Baghdad when a cloud passed over his head. He raised his head to see where the cloud was going. Then he said: "Go towards east or towards west; go wherever you like and rain down wherever you like. The outcome of your raining, the fruit of your labour, i.e., the crop, the grain, the harvest will come to me only (lit. to my feet only). Rain down wherever you like but its tribute will come to me only. "These are indeed great words which indicate how Allah Most High bestowed vast states upon the Muslims for their obedience to Allah and the Apostle. As long as the fervour for carrying out Allah's and His Apostle's orders continued, on account of which Allah fulfils His promises, the Muslims' pomp and grandeur also continued.

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