As stated in the introduction, this book had been started on Friday in the holy month of Ramazan when I reported at Astana-e Khaliliah. Through sheer grace and favour of Allah and the blessing of the invocations and spiritual concentrations of my chief and spiritual director and master, the holy Hazrat (may his shadow never grow less!) these few pages could be written of which there was absolutely no hope because of this sinner's want of academic ability and knowledge. But due to Hazrat's miracle some pages were completed. May Allah Most Glorious keep Hazrat's Auspicious shadow, with all these graces and blessings, constant upon this ummah!

Today, on 27th Rajab, in the Night of the Ascent, I write these last lines and complete it. I am very grateful to those obliging friends of mine who, in this land of infidelity, lent me their books and the books of those institutions that are attached to them, at special concessions and for a long time by creating scope in their rules. May Allah Most Glorious, as beseems Him, reward everyone in both the worlds with the best compensation for whatever obligation they have done me in this work, and may make them and me the means of the popularity of this book and the revival of the Sunnahs, and bestow upon all of us and the whole umrah the grace to live in accordance with our Master and Sovereign of Both the Worlds, the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him auspicious way of life!

‘And Most Blessed and Exalted Allah's blessings be upon "the Best of the Creation", our Chief, our Prophet, our Beloved Friend our Authority and Master, Muhammad the Unschooled Prophet, the Prophet of Mercy, the Master of the Lauded Station and the Fountain where people will arrive and the Great Intercession peace and blessings be upon him, and "Then he drew nigh and came down till he was (distant) two bows' length or even nearer" (LIII: 8-9); and upon all the prophets and apostles; and upon all the angels and the angels connected with the religion, the world and the Hereafter, and the places where we will be buried and the lands where we committed sins; and upon all his descendants, Companions and followers, as much as they deserve and as much as You wish and approve and in such numbers as You wish and approve; equal to the number of those who remember and equal to the number of those who are forgetful about remembering You!’

And peace be on you!
Yusuf Sulaiman Motala,
Bolton, England.

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