Insistence Upon Hazrat Umar 
To Conform To The Sunnah

After Siddiq-e Akbar  had stated his will, he sent a man to Hazrat Umar  to summon him and told him many things in which he especially insisted upon him to conform to the Sunnah. Accordingly, he said: "O Umar! The ‘malicious’ nursed malice against you and the ‘beloved’ loved you, and this is a tradition continuing from ancient times, that enmity and antagonism are cherished against goodness". Hazrat Umar said: "I have no need of khilafat". Hazrat Abu Bakr said: "But the office of caliphate requires you. You have seen the sovereign of the Two Worlds peace and blessings be upon him, you have been in his company, and you have seen that the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him always gave preference to us over his self, so much so that we used to give to the members of his household the remainder of the gifts that he used to give us. And you have seen me and have lived with me. As for me, I have followed that noble being who was before me peace and blessings be upon him. By Allah! I am not talking to you in sleep, as if in a dream, and I am not giving these depositions whimsically. Undoubtedly I am in the way in which there is no crookedness.
O Umar! You should know, no doubt there are some rights for Allah in the night which He does not accept in the day and there are some rights in the day which He does not accept in the night. And on the Day of Judgement whoever's balance of deeds will be heavy will be so on account of such conformance to the Truth; and its right too for being heavy is that there may be nothing in it but truth. And on the Day of Judgement the people whose scales of deeds will be light will be the same who must have followed falsehood. Obviously balance of deeds can only be the thing which may imbalance with nothing but falsehood. No doubt the very first thing I warn you about is your own inner self, and I also order you to abstain from the people. The people have begun to cast glances on very lofty things and their skin of desires has been inflated with air. But now there will be safety from lapses for the people.

So you now prevent the people from falling into errors, for now they will always entertain apprehension from your side and they will fear you, as long as you fear Allah. This is my will, and I salute you".

Thereafter Hazrat Abu Bakr invoked blessings for Hazrat Umar. He also invoked that "O Allah! Make Umar one of those good caliphs who may follow the instruction of Your Prophet of Mercy peace and blessings be upon him and follow those who are good after Your Prophet peace and blessings be upon him may follow him and reform the subjects for him". Ameen!

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