Mary The Copt's Mature Certitude

When the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him son, Ibrahim, died and the child's mother, Mary the Copt (Hazrat Maria Qibtiah) began to weep. He, consoling her, said: "Our dear son Ibrahim is playing in the laps of the houris of Paradise. If you wish then I may invoke Allah to remove the veils so that you may see him playing in Paradise."

And it was because of the same certainty that Hazrat Maria said: “This is sufficient. I fully believe your statement. I don't want to see now lest my eye might err and see wrongly, but your statement cannot be wrong.”

Thus, on this occasion of Hudaybiah their sentiment of faith and certitude was put to test and they acquitted themselves well in it. Besides this there have been reported many other occasions. The holy Companions were involved into many differing kinds of afflictions and trials, but even the most delicate test could not budge them an inch from their stand, and the severest earthquake and storm could not produce the slightest stagger in their feet.

Such were the holy Companions who had subjected themselves to the Shari'ah. If they must live, it would be in conformance with the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and if they must die, that too would be in accordance with it and in all circumstances they would follow his methods only. For them the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him good example was the same as water is for fish which cannot remain alive without it. These august men too could not remain alive without following his holy methods.

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