Hazrat ‘Obadah radiallahu anhu's Will

Hazrat ‘Obadah (radiallahu anho) was a Badrian Companion and leader of the Ansar. On his deathbed, he summoned his nephew Junadah ibn Ansar, and said: Come and listen to what you are accountable to,

‘The Sunnah and the Deposit (amanat). Through thick and thin or in agony, even when your rights are assigned to others, keep in line with justice and veracity. Don't deprive the competent of work. Never believe anything you hear contrary to Allah's Book. Follow Allah's Book consistently.’

Hazrat Abul Darda says:

‘There is no Islam without obedience to Allah. Virtue lies in assembly (Jamat), in obedience to Allah, His Apostle, Caliph of Muslims and in well wishing of Muslims at large.’

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