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The Qur'an (Arabic 13 Line Format)

Throughout the centuries since the Holy Qur’aan was revealed to the Prophet of Islam Peace and Blessings be upon him till today, we as Muslims believe that the Qur’aan is still intact and pure from any changes. Even though the enemies of Islam have tried to change it or distort its meanings, through the mercy of Allah we still have a pure Qur’aan. The Qur’aan is the greatest miracle, which was given to the Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him. Even amongst the miracles of previous Prophets this miracle has a special distinction, in that each miracle appeared and disappeared with that particular Prophet. The Qur’aan on the other hand is a miracle, which will last till the end of time.

The Qur’aan challenges those unbelievers who deny or hesitate in accepting the Qur’aan as the speech of Allah, to produce a chapter like it.

“And if you are in doubt concerning that which we have sent down to our slave, then produce a Surah (chapter) or the like there of and call your witnesses besides Allah, if you are truthful. But if you do it not, and you can never do it, when fear the fire whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for the disbelievers.”  (2:23-24)

This verse and many alike it in the Qur’aan show that the Qur’aan is the book of Allah and was not written by an illiterate person i.e.- the Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him or by any human being.


The author of the book “The World’s Religions” Ninian Smart has wrote about the Qur’aan:

“Of course, recitations or written copies of the Qur’aan are all created; but as divine speech what lies behind and within the Qur’aan is eternal. All this gives it a much deeper meaning and much higher status than that of the Bible.” (Page 28)

The Qur’aan’s scientific accuracy has reverted British, French and Thailand Scientists to Islam.

Professor Tajasen, the former head of the Department of anatomy and Embryology the college of Medicine at the university of Chang-mi, Thailand said, “ Some of the signs which were revealed 1400 years ago have recently been explained by modern science.” The professor continued in his speech, saying that the time had come to accept Islam.

Professor Tajasen accepted the signs and embraced Islam. Not only a couple of scientists have embraced Islam, but many people around the world, the Qur’aan being free from any kind of mistake.

The paragraphs that have been written above are just a small glimpse of the purity and magnificence of the Qur’aan. But the purpose of this article is to try and create awareness in the hearts of the Muslims about the great disrespect of the Qur’aan, which is being committed by the enemy of Islam, but most of all, by the Muslims around the world.


The Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings be upon him has said:

‘The Qur’aan will either be evidence in your favour or evidence against you- commentary- if a person acts upon the commandments in the Qur’aan by following its guidance, it will benefit him. If he does not follow it’s guidance then it will be against him.’

The companions of the Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him used to learn one chapter at a time and would not learn another chapter until they hadn’t implemented the commandments of that particular chapter into their lives and today we hear and read the Qur’aan but not once do we try to understand it, never mind acting upon it. But to read the Qur’aan without understanding is also a way of getting closer to Allah.

I recall a dream of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal in which he saw Allah in his dream. He enquired, “O my Lord! What brings your servants closer to you? Allah Talah replied, “That which has come from me” (i.e., the Holy Qur’aan). He asked, “My Lord, is this through understanding the Qur’aan or without?” Allah Talah said “With or without understanding it. Both are means of becoming close”

From this we can understand by reading the Qur’aan we can get closer to Allah, but is that enough?  Open the Qur’aan read it with or without wudu, whilst reading, talk and swear, then once you have finished put it anywhere you want, on the floor behind somebody’s back, wherever it is okay for you? Above I quoted a Hadith of the Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him, “The Qur’aan will either be in your favor or evidence against you.”

If we were to act upon the Qur’aan, it will be in our favour, but is it possible to act upon something that holds no respect or any status in our hearts?

Look around you, in your homes, where Qur’aans are nicely and neatly stacked up, collecting dust. Qur’aan in the same room where people are watching TV or listening to music. Qur’aan lying in mosques and Madaris which have been stacked up anyhow, pages and verses of the Qur’aan which have fallen out of the Qur’aan, lying on the floor, screwed up in some corner, is this what respect the words of Allah deserve.

Imam Bukhari was once invited to somebody’s orchard when it was time for the Zuhar prayer, he led those that were present in prayer and then began to perform Nafl Salaah. After finishing his prayer he lifted his shirt and said to one of his companions, “Have a look, is there anything in my shirt.” He found that his back was red and swollen, as a wasp had stung him 16 to 17 times. One of them asked, “Why didn’t you come out Salaah the first time it stung you?” He replied, “I was reciting a surah and I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t want to cut it short.” This is the respect these great people had for the Qur’aan and we are so pathetic that we can’t even sit properly whilst reciting the Qur’aan. We talk whilst we are in the middle of reciting the Qur’aan open in front of us; we sit behind someone’s back whilst reciting the Qur’aan. We don’t do it on purpose, but due to our neglectfulness the respect of the Qur’aan has gone from our hearts.

The people of Sudan don't have Qur'aans at all. The local teacher teaches the students, who are becoming hafiz by writing one verse of the Holy Qur'aan in sand and then makes them learn it . This is the 21st century and muslims around the world don't have copies of the Holy Qur'aan which is the foundation of Islam, and we posess so many copies of the Qur'aan but don't have any respect for it. The respect of the Holy Qur'aan is so great that we, weak human beings cannot respect this Quraan, but we can try, or is that too difficult? We can try to learn the Qur'aan, how to recite it with the right pronunciation of every letter, but we have put into our systems that we are too old or that praying the Qur'aan without Tajweed is okay! It is not okay to pray the Qur'aan without Tajweed, Arabic is a language in which many letters sound the same but are pronounced differently, and if we don't  know the difference between letters and recite the Qur'aan however we think is right, then we will change many words in the Qur'aan and their meanings by our ignorance. There are many books available on how to recite the Qur'aan properly, at the back of the South African published copy of the Qur'aan, we are shown how to pronounce each letter properly.


I request the all the Muslims to try and respect the Qur'aan, otherwise what difference is there between us and the enemies of Islam. Oh Muslims! Wake up and look around you. The enemies of Islam are trying to distort the Qur'aan and change it in anyway possible. Copies of the Qur'aan have been printed with translations in many languages. These translations are adulterated with a view to misguide ignorant Muslims.

The enemies of Islam have always known that the main thing about Islam is the Holy Qur'aan, that is why they keep trying to change it. I call upon all muslims to try and respect  the Qur'aan. Once we have the respect f the Qur'aan within our hearts we will be able to act upon its commandments, and when we begin to act upon the Qur'aan, unity within Muslims will (insha-Allah) be restored. Muslims will be able to help each other around the world.

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